Miele Complete C3 Marin review

Miele Complete C3 Marin review

As a company, Miele has built a reputation of quality for itself by manufacturing only top quality products and the Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum cleaner is not an exception. The C3 Marin is one in a series of similarly efficient vacuum cleaners produced by Miele. Learn more about other canister vacuum options.

As Miele’s premium vacuum cleaner, the Miele Complete C3 Marin comes with 2 floor tools and a sealed air system with 12 stages which means no dust can escape. With its light weight, about 5.4kg (12 lbs), and the vacuum’s handle moving around to clean a variety of surfaces will not really be a problem, even if you are moving up and down the stairs. In order to ensure that users do not experience unnecessary noise disturbance in the course of usage, the Miele Complete C3 marin, just like other vacuums made by Miele, comes with sound proof that ensures that it is hardly heard. The High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is another great feature which keeps all the dirt and dust in the bag thus letting out cleaner air in the process. The bag itself has a capacity of about 4.76 quartz so it might not be really be necessary to throw them away frequently. They are made to be self-sealing and only need to be disposed into the trash. This way users who are allergic to dust or those suffering from Asthma or other such ailments can use the vacuum without nursing any fear.

In order to ensure that the suction power can be adjustable to the peculiar need of each user, Miele has placed a rotary dial on the vacuum. The canister also has a switch which makes it possible to rewind the vacuum’s retractable cord merely by stepping on the switch, which is located at the back of the canister. For users that might be using the vacuum for a prolonged period, there are telescoping wands made of stainless steel.

With the 12 stage air clean system, Miele has provided a sealed system that is not only air tight, but also almost all of its particles at about 0.3 micron. In order to ensure that users do not have to switch outlets incessantly while making use of the product, Miele has vacuum a reach of 36 feet. The quality features built into this model of vacuum has been widely applauded, especially with fact that it’s suitable for use on a lot of surfaces; from tiled floors to bare floor, hardwood floor as well as low or high pile carpets.

With the crush proof hose which ensures that the vacuum is durable and the inclusive 7 year warranty, one can say that this vacuum was built to last.


The Miele Complete C3 Marin canister vacuum is quite easy to operate.
It is built with a sealed air system.
It’s got High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter.
It weighs about 12 lbs.
It comes with manufacturer’s 7 year warranty.
It’s got an all rubber wheels. Wands made of stainless steel.
36 foot reach.
It’s got an automatic rewind.
Built with self sealing bags.
It has a 12 stage filtration process


It’s got an efficient 1200w motor
It is very easy to use
It is light and can be easily carried around.
The suction is very good.
Emptying the vacuum is very easy


At just 22 feet
the power cord is short
The variant is too expensiveThe purchasing bags might eventually add up with time