Miele Complete C2 Limited Edition review

Miele Complete C2 Limited Edition review written by: aless23 When choosing a new vacuum, there are literally hundreds of models, from dozens of top brands to consider. If you are considering the Miele Complete limited edition, this short Miele Complete C2 Limited Edition review will provide you some insight about what you can expect, prior to investing in the machine. Miele makes some of the best canister vacuums on the market; These are a few of the basics, pros/cons, and features to consider, prior to jumping in and making the investment decision.

With a turbo comfort floor brush, the vacuum can easily run over hard surfaces (tile, wood, linoleum), as well as carpeted areas, with little to no effort. The combination floor brush also allows you to swivel over hard surfaces and carpet, without having to adjust levers or change brush heads when vacuuming the entire home. A lightweight “backpack” design allows you to easily maneuver around the home, clean tight surfaces, and adjust without having to move furniture or start/stop the vacuum, for every tight turn, or when moving over steps. A powerful motor, ease of mobility, and lightweight design, make this a great vacuum for those who want to clean daily, or simply want to get the job done in less time when vacuuming and cleaning the entire home.

Like all products, there are good and bad features you have to consider before purchasing a new vacuum. Some of the pros include:
1. A large 33 foot operation radius, so you don’t continually have to unplug the vacuum, when moving from one room to another.
2. A rug and floor combination brush makes vacuuming all surfaces quick, easy, and efficient.
3. An air clean sealed system means there is no dust blowing, or debris flying out of the vacuum when cleaning your home.

A variable speed motor with a twist knob design also lets you transition from one surface to another without stopping. And, depending on the items you are trying to pick up, can easily ramp up the speed for higher suction power.

Before you invest in this heavy duty vacuum, consumers should consider some of its drawbacks. Among these are:
– A telescopic wand is available, but is limited in radius and depth, so higher surfaces, ceilings, and surfaces are still difficult to reach.
– There is no HEPA air clean filter, and it is a bagged system, so dust build up is possible when vacuuming larger rooms.
– Thicker surfaces (such as shag rugs or abrasive materials) are difficult to clean, and may require you to go over the area more than once for optimal results.

Apart from this, the vacuum is quite powerful, easy to maneuver, and provides high quality suction power, for nearly any surface.

Although there are some drawbacks, the vacuum is powerful, and for most home/condos, is more than sufficient to clean all surfaces, and type of flooring you have in the home. It features a storage canister for extra tools and attachment heads as well, so you have everything you need when cleaning the home with you. A reliable brand name, high quality finishes, and compatible price with current models and top name brands in the market today, make this a top contender for those who desire maneuverability, ease of motion and range, and high power suction.

If you can fit it in your budget, and can live with a couple minor flaws, this is a great machine to consider investing in when shopping for a new vacuum.