Hoover PortalPower CH30000 Lightweight Portable Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Hoover Portable power CH30000 vacuum cleaner makes cleaning an effortless task. This versatile machine can be a good solution if you need a small and portable vacuum cleaner to clean around your house. This lightweight machine comes with a reusable cloth bag that is easily rinsed out.

Pretty much like other vacuum cleaners, but this one is equipped with a built-in blower that you can use in hard to reach areas like under the furniture to blast out the dust.

While this vacuum cleaner allows you to comfortably get the job of cleaning hard surfaces done, it is not a canister on wheels. However, it is not a heavy machine to be carried around, it only weighs 8.3 pounds.

Cleaning Performance & ability to reach

The Hoover CH30000Portable power has got a long metal tube that can help in reaching areas that are far to reach. This tube is made of quality material that can last for long periods of cleaning time. And given the fact that its extension radius is approximately 33 feet, it gives it an advantage of cleaning a large surface without changing the power outlets. You can vacuum stairs, around sharp corners, ceiling and down the halls with ease.

Whereas it is small in size because it only weighs 8.3 pounds, It sits comfortably at the base of the unit. And the vacuum also has a built-in blower that can be used to clean up hard to reach places such as drapes upholsteries including your vehicle.

You can alternate between jobs because it has a reusable commercial cloth and a paper dust bag making cleaning a breeze.


The Hoover CH30000 portable vacuum is compact and light weight. Making it easy to carry without rolling it on the floor. What I mean is that it has a carrying strap which is used by the user to carry it on his or her shoulder while moving around the house.


It comes with a 2.2 horse power motor which is strong enough to power the machine while wiping out every dust particle sticking on the hard flow floor or even in those fluffy rugs.

Cleaning Attachments

The vacuum cleaner comes with five several cleaning attachments such as a blower or dusting brush, crevice tool, furniture nozzle, rug /floor nozzle and wall/floor brush. This makes the vacuum cleaner versatile and effective because there are also two chrome wands that are provided in case of any added length that is needed


• Compact and light weight vacuum cleaner

• Reusable bag system –meaning you can switch between jobs

• Powerful motor which works at a peak of 2.2 HP for excellent pick up without scratching the floor

• Enough cleaning attachment making it versatile

• Cord has enough length allowing the user to move around the rooms with ease


• The vacuum uses a power cord meaning you must transfer it to another room which must have a power source.

• At times cleaning becomes tough when the horse starts wiggling.

Final verdict

Generally, with its design and cleaning capabilities, it is a decent vacuum cleaner to use while cleaning multiple surfaces such as drapes ceilings and upholstery.So, it’s worth the money you invest in.