Where to Empty a Canister Vacuum

You can never be too safe with emptying Vacuum cleaners. Especially canister vacuum cleaners which feature both bagged and bagless options. Think about all the dust, dander, and particles that are floating around in there. There are few simple steps you can follow to empty your vacuum cleaner safely and effectively.

  1. Grab your vacuum and a trash bag (plastic grocery bags work great).
  2. It’s best to be outside. You just vacuumed and got rid of all the pet hair, and allergens. You don’t want these particles to go back into the air. Plus there is a chance you could drop the canister, and we don’t want that!
  3. Depending on the model you own. Detach the canister from the vacuum and cover the canister with the trash bag or grocery bag.
  4. Tap the outside of the canister to get all the particles and debris into the bag.
  5. Once you are satisfied and the canister is empty, take the canister out and tie the ends of the bag and toss the bag in the trash.

Once you are done, simply place the canister back on your vacuum and you are good to go. The process is very easy, but most are simply worried about the allergens getting back into the air. Simply put, it’s as easy as just dumping the contents into the trash. Although, in some cases you want to ensure your vacuum is well kept as well. The video below by Clean My Space goes over several reasons why dirty vacuums are bad, we recommend following a vacuum maintenance routine.