Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Review

The Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-cyclonic makes cleaning an effortless task. This versatile machine is gentle enough to use but powerful enough to pick up dirt, hair and other debris from the floors you care about.

While the vacuum allows you to comfortably maneuver around and under the furniture, it uses the power of the multi-cyclonic technology to get the job done while cleaning the floors and carpets alike.

Cleaning Performance & Efficiency

The canister vacuum has got additional tools that are stored on –board for convenient and effective cleaning of the floors. The vacuum is easy to use and has strong suction. When you’re through with the cleaning, the cord automatically rewinds and pulls off the button.

Whereas the hard floor attachment pushes larger particles into piles, the floor turbine foot is tough on the dirt but gentle on the floor.

It also has a Bissell’s multi-surface foot which is excellent for picking on area rugs on your carpeted floors . The control settings on it, allows an empty dirt tank to open from the bottom so that there’s no mess disposal.

The bagless canister vacuum weighs 8.3 pounds and it uses the power of multi-cyclonic technology. Whereas it is small in size, It sits comfortably at the base of the unit. And with its multi-level filtration, it helps to reduce household allergens after the process of cleaning such places as drapes and ceilings.

You can easily use the canister vacuum to clean multiple surfaces, for instance, bare floors, tiles, and hardwood floors.


The canister vacuum is compact and light weight. By weighing only 8.3 pounds it makes it easy to carry without rolling it on the floor and it is an easy machine to store.

The vacuum has an auto height adjustment functionality. With the automatic height adjustment feature, the vacuum automatically regulates the height by determining how close it sits to the floor depending on what kind of floor you are cleaning.

However, it retracts by the push of a button, which minimizes the hard labor of winding it up . The cord retracts into the base of the unit, which makes storing it easy. Whereas the cord is able to limit how far you can vacuum, the floor brush can span approximately ten inches across, which helps you cover more surface as you vacuum.


It is a 9.2-amp motor power hard flow vacuum. The power source is coded with an air flow indicator and a brush system which makes cleaning a breeze. Compared to other models in the same price range, the vacuum is strong enough to effectively pick up particles off your floors.

Cleaning Attachments

This bagless canister vacuum comes with several cleaning tools. These on-board tools include a dusting brush, a metal telescopic wand, a crevice tool and a low-pile carpet tool. This makes the machine versatile and effective on cleaning surface types such as bare floors, carpet hard floors , low pile carpets, and stairs.


• Compact and light weight

• Multi-cyclonic technology which is good for suction

• Multi-surface foot that picks up the dirt without scratching the floor


• The vacuum has a short power cord that requires multiple times of plugging when using it to clean

Final verdict

With its design and capabilities of cleaning multiple surfaces such as drapes ceilings and upholstery, it is such an effective and powerful machine to use for your cleaning if you want to save time.